Death of the Nile?

I was being spoken to by the Ethiopian Foreign Minister but I had my back to him. I was facing a wall. It was like a bad dream. I quickly swung my chair round and apologised – out loud. A moment ago I had been floating downstream about […]

Africa – the long view

Why did European countries take over of Africa? Was it inevitable? What might have been if they had agreed to establish diplomatic and trading relations with African rulers? What was Africa like then? What glimpses do we have from the first outsider? I have just finished reading a […]

Death and Identity in Rwanda

I don’t know why I keep them, but I have never been able to just throw them away. Two small green folded cards found at a road block in Rwanda in 1994. “Karita Y’Ibiranga Umuntu – Carte d’Indentite Republika y’u Rwanda”. The name on one is Mugema. Resident […]