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All Change in Southern Africa

Southern Africa has been hit by a political earthquake. Three powerful rulers did not feel it coming: Jacob Zuma, Eduardo dos Santos and Robert Mugabe. Suddenly they are gone. The first two were removed by constitutional procedures. In South Africa Jacob Zuma failed to renew his presidency and has been […]

The Commonwealth

Who thought up the title Commonwealth for the remnant of Britain’s empire? Its earliest meaning is welfare, the common good. Now it is a club of countries, mainly – but no longer exclusively – those which were once British possessions. Allowing Mozambique and Rwanda, former Portuguese and French […]

Africa – the long view

Why did European countries take over of Africa? Was it inevitable? What might have been if they had agreed to establish diplomatic and trading relations with African rulers? What was Africa like then? What glimpses do we have from the first outsider? I have just finished reading a […]